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Between the foliage, Felix, the cat, was watching cars passing at high speed on the national road. Suddenly, a big car, with suitcases on the luggage rack, stopped on the aisle. The driver got out of the car, opened the trunk, and brought down a kitten. Then, he closed the door and went as if nothing had happened!

The bewildered little cat stood motionless on the road, then jumped and headed for the edge of the forest. He had narrowly escaped another car at a very high speed. Felix came out of his hiding place and motioned the kitten to join him:

– “What happened?”

– “Yesterday, I heard that they would leave me on the road because they cannot take care of me during their trip.”

– “The trip?! Is this a reason to leave us alone. To be left to ourselves?”

– “Are you abandoned too?”

– “Yes”, replied Felix, lowering his head.

– “​Couldn’t they​entrust ​us to neighbors, friends or relatives …?”

– “Or give us back to ​some ​” Interrupted Felix. His voice was rusty with ​sadness​.

– “All I have left from them is my friend’s, Lise, tee-shirt. She put it for me not to be cold.”

– “Give it to me. It could serve us. ​Let’s go ​get something to nibble. You have to get some strength, because ​this place is ​quite different from the city.”

They met other abandoned cats and dogs. All went to look for some food. At night, they ​lit a fire and gathered around it to warm themselves. The kitten spoke:

– “I miss the children. I was sleeping in their room. I heard them beg their parents to keep me, but …”

– “No child in the world ​would ​want us to leave. It is adults who are irresponsible.”

– “We have to do something; otherwise, other cats and dogs will be on the national roads overnight without even a packet of kibbles in the pocket.” Suggested an old cat

The kitten burst into tears:

– “But I want to find Timéo and Lise. I miss them. I want to go home.”

– “Go back to your home! My poor Fifi!” Stammered Felix, lowering his head.

– “Yes, I was good there.”

– “We were all good where we were. We loved them when they were giving us some attention. We got attached to them when they were taking care of us. Now, they are leaving us in the middle of the road.”

– “What can we do, friends?” Asked a puppy.

– “I have an idea. We will manifest in our own way until they understand that we are not worn bags or vegetable peelings, and that they cannot get rid of us at any moment.” Shouted an old dog.

– “It will take us months, if not years. However, we will get there. We must persevere.” Encouraged the puppy.

– “We must ask the ​animals who are in refuges​for help”, continued a black cat.

– “How ​could ​they go out?” Asked another dog.

– “They only have to ask the management for permission.” The black cat replied.

– “They have to assure them that it is for best reason to spend the day outside. So, they will not have any problem.” Said another cat.

– “And of course, they will return in the evening. We will spend days and nights outside guarding.”

– “Let’s start with this poor little Fifi. Let’s find his family. I’m counting on your smelling abilities, brothers!” Said Felix to the dogs.

All the animals from the neighboring refuges responded favorably to the call. Despite this solidarity, Fifi remained sad, ate less, and froze all the time in the same place where he was abandoned … This situation did not please Felix who decided to shake him a little:

– “If you do not follow us, you may be left alone, and it will not help in your situation.”

– “I will stay at the edge of the forest and wait for their return.”

– “They may not be on the same road. Because of the speed the driven cars, I doubt very much they’ll see you, especially that Lise and Timéo will be in the backseat.”

– “And do you think you can find them?” He asked sadly.

– “We have a clue, look!”

– He took Lise’s T-shirt out of a bag and said like a seasoned inspector:

– “We’ll get them. I promise you, little one.”

The dogs sniffed the clothes that Lise had put on the kitten’s back, and began a long and dubious investigation. They had a well-developed flair, but they also counted on the signs and the help of the felines. They inspected all the rest areas on their way, and went around the campsites. Finally, their calvary ended in a service station. The dogs stopped near a car and barked: “It’s here!” Felix summoned Fifi, who immediately recognized the owner of the car. He shuddered, shed a tear and asked, “what if they do not want me anymore?” Determined, the animals did not answer him. They opened the trunk and slipped him behind the luggage. Fifi, unable to keep quiet, began to purr. The children heard it and jumped of joy. When the irresponsible father opened the trunk, the dogs surrounded him and were about to bite him so as to teach him what is to reject an endearing animal. Timéo picked him up, put him in his arms, kissed him and said, “my poor Fifi! What can I offer you so as to make you forgive me?” Lise said, “from now on, I will refuse to travel if you have to be left on the road.”

As soon as the family left with Fifi, Felix signaled the pack to continue the demonstration. They dispersed on the edge of national roads. As soon as a ​suspect ​car stopped, the dogs would surround it and watch the behavior of the driver. If they saw him ​bring ​down a dog or a cat, they would launch into barking to tear their eardrum and threaten to bite if it crossed his mind to leave without his animal. Panic-stricken or surprised by the solidarity of the animals, the heartless and merciless drivers would return to their seats and go under the threat of the dogs whose bites really hurt.

I haven’t see any animal alone on the road for a while, and I think they did well to be supportive. Unity is strength !


  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustration: Hamza
  • Translation: Asmaa 
  • Release date: 19/09/2017
  • Theme: The Animals/ Protect Animals
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