It is not Complicated to sort.

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L ucas was really fearful. Also, he was a …, I do not remember the word, but it’s a word to describe the one who does not like working. All he could do was to use, consume and drop what he no longer needed next without worrying about the consequences of his irresponsible behavior.

Fortunately, he was not bad; otherwise, the police would have immediately got his hands on him, given the number of traces, or rather footprints, he left behind him each time he laid a core of apple on the buffet, a wrapping of biscuit on the table, a bottle of milk on the worktop, crumpled papers in the drawers, a packet of chips in the living room.

However, at home, it was mom and dad who decided to play the police to put a little order in the house, and to teach Lucas what citizenship was because you learn to be a good citizen from an early age. They put on the police suit and armed themselves with a walkie-talkie to communicate with each other.

“Lucas, from now on, you will not let anything behind you. You put in the trash all that you no longer need; otherwise, you will be punished”, announced mom with a firm and serious tone.

Lucas did not want to remain a …, I do not remember the word, but it’s a term that refers to a person who does not like working too much and does not want to be afraid too. So, he decided to put away what he left behind. He took a big bag, and HOP… He put biscuit wrappers, tin cans, piles, twisted wire with what he tinkered, peelings of vegetables he saw on the worktop in it. He passed by the sofa and took the day’s paper and some old journals from mom. He went into our little sister’s room and grabbed broken toys. Then he entered the bathroom and retrieved bottles of shampoos and empty deodorants. The bag was full to the brim. He opened the door and pulled it to the gate of the house saying, “tomorrow morning, before going to school, I’ll put it in the ferry.” He returned home with morbid fear because it was already dark at six o’clock in the evening, and he still felt like ants running on his skin when he was alone in the dark. What a coward!

He went into his room and began to do his homework. He heard a deafening noise. On the tips of his feet, he walked towards the window looking towards the source of the noise. The noise came from the back of the garden, near the gate. It was more precisely from the big bag he had put down. He shuddered. He wanted to scream and cry. “My god, who is speaking? Who is in the big bag? Did I put mom without noticing it? Did I throw dad without realizing it? Or ​was it​my little sister? Did I take her instead of an unusable teddy?” He listened and concentrated. “We are not vegetable peelings. We are a part of vegetables you do not like to consume.” “I am not a later newspaper. I am the paper you will always need.” “We are not cans but a material that you can reuse.” “I’m not an empty milk bottle, but …”

Lucas, who is fearful and who is no longer a …, I do not remember which designates the one who does not like working too much, shouted with all his strength “Moooooooooom!” Mom hastened to his aid, then looked out the window, listened, and consoled him: “But yes Lucas, these are the objects you put in the bag together. They are indignant and protesting. We had to sort them before putting them under the tree so that you will not waste time tomorrow morning. You will put each bag in the container that is intended for it. Let’s sort it out.” Lucas, following his mom, asked her why ​he had ​to do this. Dad who heard his question came to join them and replied: “We must not clean our house and dirty our city.”

There are people who recycle the things we throw away. After recycling, newspapers and magazines will become new newspapers and magazines. The transparent clear bottles will become new bottles, and the ones that are tinted will become polar sweaters. Opaque bottles will become watering cans or collection bins. Food bricks will become paper towels or gift wraps. Aluminum dishes will become scooters or Bikes, and steel will become tools, cars, and carts. And to do this, the citizen who no longer wants these objects and wants to get rid of them must sort them. we have to put bottles, jars and glass jars in the green container. We put plastic bottles, metal packaging and food blocks in the yellow container; paper and cardboard in the blue container. The waste, such as a broken chair, a very worn sofa, a bike, a microwave, are dumped and will be deposited after in processing plants. Medicines and batteries, we deposit them in collection points.

Lucas, the fearful and who is no longer a …, I do not remember this word which designates the one who does not like to work too much, remained open-mouthed for a long time. He scratched his buttocks. His eyes dipped in I do not know what. It was like he was reliving a memory. He said: “But why does not grandpa ever throw peelings and the rest of vegetables and ​fruits​? Why does he put them in a big tray in the garden?” Mum explained to him: “After months, this waste will become compost for his vegetable garden.”

Lucas, leaning over the bag, picked up the vegetable peelings and ran into the back of the garden where it was darker. He entered the garage without even turning on the light, grabbed a jar, and set it up behind the house to get composted too. The parents had already gone home, but Lucas at the end of the story was no longer a fearful or a …, I do not remember that word which means the one who does not like to work too much. Oh! that’s it. I remember. It’s “lazy”, but he was not lazy anymore. Congratulations Lucas!


  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustration: Hamza
  • Translation: Asmaaa
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Civility/ Public Spirit
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