Teddy in The Hospital!

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M had made an appointment with my pediatrician. She ​had even written a note in my notebook to inform the teacher that I could not come to class that day because my teddy was not feeling good.

When the doctor checked my teddy, he asked mom to have him hospitalized urgently for medical tests and analysis.

Arrived to the hospital, teddy did not want to let go of my hand. He did not sulk and was not sad either; however, he got surprised to see all this hospitable world bustling around his bed. He confidently confided his little body to these gentlemen and ladies with white, green and blue blouses who were competent, smiling and clever too​, since they found solutions to any health problem.

In the evening, mom took me by the hand and told me in a very low voice that we had to let teddy rest but he opened his eyes, shed a tear, then a second one, then the third … He did not want to be separated from me. Mom decided to spend the night with him.

That night, I fell asleep next to teddy which held me tight against him. As soon as I tried to get away from him and fall asleep in another bed, he woke up and clung to me. I became his teddy.

The next day, after seeing the tests and discussing his health, the doctors decided to keep him in the hospital for a longer time until they stopped his illness. They asked a nurse to show him the places around.

Teddy visited the hospital’s playroom. Great! It was more beautiful than my school. The teachers, who would teach him the program of the year during his stay, were smiling and a little nicer than mine. Yes, those were not grumbling, shouting, scolding and putting words in the notebook to warn parents of the misbehavior of their child … What a luck!

So, a little jealous of my teddy, I asked the doctor if he wanted to look in my body and find a small illness to allow me to make a small stay in the hospital and also to enjoy the room games, gifts, movie theater, nice nurses who were in the service of my comforter day and night, and teachers who gave lessons without much trouble. However, the doctor, after examining me and even looking a lot, turned his head towards my teddy and said: “Your friend is in a good shape, and he can visit you as much as he wants, but I advise him not to tell his classmates that nurses are nicer than teachers; otherwise, all children will want to be hospitalized. My teddy took my hand and said, “you have to go back to your school. I can stay alone, you know? I am stronger than the pain, and I will prove to you that I am well able to face it.”

I went back to my school and was a little jealous of my teddy but also very happy for him because he was strong at the hospital. He fought against the illness and showed me that he was well able to overcome pain.

  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustration: Hamza
  • Translation: Asmaa
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Health / Illness / Hospitalization/ School
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