The Host Family

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I ‘m Ely. I’m happy to pack my bags alone. I am also glad that neither uncle nor auntie check if I have forgotten my toothbrush or my socks. But most of all, I’m very happy to go back to my dad, mom and my little sister, who also lives with another host family. The whole family will meet up this weekend.

We arrive at our parents’ house at the same time. Mom and dad are happy to welcome us during the weekend and still struggle not to have us with them all the time. And for this reunion, they decide to take us to the zoo. We are jumping of joy because the excursion will allow us to discover animals which we do not know and talk about the daily life of each of us. We spend warm moments together . The next morning, we get up early, we have breakfast, and HOP to the car!

In the excursions to the zoo, Lise, my little sister, feels very excited. Sometimes she runs after me and other times she cuddles mom. Suddenly she stops and says, “Mom! I did not prepare my talk about wintering and hibernating animals. Monday, the teacher will scold me.” “Auntie surely asked you to do your homework before coming, right?” Mom asks her. “Yes, mom,” Lise answers, “but I could’nt stop t​hinking about you. I only had this meeting in mind.” “It does not matter,” says dad, “we’ll visit the animal cages and show you those who winter and those who hibernate.” “Uncle has already told me about it, but it’s always interesting to see these animals in real life.” Says Lise. While hearing it, I run back to them and ask, “I do not understand what wintering and hibernation are? And Lise, my little sister, explains to me: “The animals that winter are those who spend the winter period under cover. They eat, move and give birth to small ones; their activity diminishes in winter like bears for example. On the other hand, hibernating animals are those who stay all winter in prolonged sleep in a state of numbness such as the groundhog, the hedgehog, the frog, or the lizard. Mom, who listens attentively, says with a small smile: “Oh! I did not know it. I’m learning things with you.” “As soon as we get home,” said dad, “you will write your presentation on a rough sheet, and I will correct it. Then you will  clean it up before returning to the host family.”

In the afternoon, we continue the visit together in a good atmosphere. Dad leads us into the corridors where the hibernating animals live, and I turn to my little sister: “Now that you have discovered the animals, you will be able to write all that you have learned without the fear of being scolded by auntie or the teacher.” To tease me, she replies, “yes, there are wintering and hibernating animals, and you? What are you doing in winter? Are you wintering or hibernating? So, I tell her, “in winter, I go to school and work hard, but in the summer, I rest and play on the beach.” Suddenly, with grief, Lise turns to our parents: “Tell me, won’t we spend all the holidays with you? Will we have to stay at our auntie and uncle’s house?” We are going through a difficult time right now, but when everything comes back in order, we will be together again,” reassures Dad. We jump of joy and we shout: “Great!”

At the end of the afternoon, when we arrive at home, the host families are already there to recover us. This time, neither my little sister nor I are sad to leave our parents. On the contrary, we think that, sometimes, it is a chance to have several families:besides, we do not get bored …


  • Author : Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustrator : Hamza
  • Traduction: Asmaa
  • Release Date : 19/03/2017
  • Theme : Familly
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