The Week of Taste

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The day before the week of taste, Lise invited her friend, Savanna, for a sleepover. They were excited to see the next day coming because it would not be a normal day of school. They would cook with their teacher, taste many kinds of food, and have no homework to do.

“Come on kitties. It’s time to sleep”,  said Lise’s mother with a wink.


Late at night, Savana was awakened by some noise andrattling. She got afraid and woke Lise up : “Wake up Lise, a thief has entered your house!” Lise sat down and started listening. It’s true, there is a weird noise, sound of laughing and lapping … What could it be? She slid off the bad, half opened the door of the room, and returned to Savana. “Let’s see !” Lise whispered. After a moment of hesitation, Savana did what she was told to do. They saw a little glow coming from the kitchen. They moved forward on their toes, one by one, and they got surprised while looking through the lock.

Foods was preparing for the week of taste. Each food would show what it is capable of, how would its taste please humans, and what feeling would it bring them. There was a lot of food Because Lise’s mother had just been shopping. Vegetables and fruits were out of the fridge and had settled all over the kitchen. Sweets and dried fruits had opened the cupboard and joined the big family. They were preparing themselves in such a vital atmosphere so as to stimulate the appetite. Vegetables were taking a bath in the sink. Fruits were wiping themselves with towels that they had pulled off the dryer, and dried fruits used a hair-dryer so as to blow the dust out of them. At the end, they were all well presented.

The gigantic pumpkin started the conversation:

 – “I am sure little kids will appreciate me. I have a sweet taste, a beautiful orange color, and I’m full of fiber which facilitates digesting, and I’m really beautiful to look at.”

 – “And so we are. We have an orange color, full of vitamins, and have a sweet taste” shouted the carrot, orange, apricot and melon.

 – “I have a good look and always wear green and white as colors. I am slim, elegant, and full of fiber. Besides, I always keep my hair ruffled.”

 – “Stop bragging leek. You have some special taste if you do not add some salt and pepper. You are inedible. Concerning me, children can chew me without even peeling me. Rinsing me is enough, and I am so soft that they can nibble me to the core.” said the apple proudly.

 – “You are not the only one ! You forgot your family members: fruit” said kiwi.

 – “Fruits?” asked the beet stirring green leaves on his head so as to get noticed.

 – “Yes, we are a large family. There are those who live here in France, and those who come from other countries. We call them exotic fruits.”

 – “And how many members of your family do exist ?” asked the artichoke. “I only see the pear, apple, orange, apricot, cherry, grape, melon and watermelon.”

 – “What about me ?” said the beet.

 – “You are sweet. you can easily be eaten raw, or cooked.” answered the apple.

 – “We also bring them mineral salts, vitamins, fiber, and all what their little bodies need so as to grow and be strong.” Replied the fennel which is round like a little rugby ball.

 – “Lets stop, food! The good atmosphere will spoil.” The watermelon advised wisely, soft and mellow in the mouth.

 – “You are right! Why don’t we play a game waiting for the day to come?” said the potato.

 – “What do you suggest starchy?”

 – “I am starchy as you say, but in the meantime, children adore me. I can be fried, gratinated, mashed, in chips, or in a stew; besides all that, my cousin, sweet potato, is used in desserts. So sweet it is my cousin.”

 – “Hey ! you have forgotten us! It is we who give you aroma”, intervened the rosemary, parsley, coriander and the thyme which were leaning out of the window.

 – “Who did invite you?” asked the pepper who was red of fatigue.

 – “We were quiet in the kitchen until we heard you bickering so we started listening. Anyway, we will celebrate the week of taste with you ; otherwise, it will be unfair.”

 – “Let them in. They flavor us and add a good touch to our dishes.” advised the eggplant.

 – “What about us? We serve in nothing ? Listen, kids cannot make it without us”,  said the cheese, milk and eggs.

 – “Same here, if we do not say anything, no one will invite us.” Intervened the almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, dates and all the dried fruits.

 – “Please, there are few hours left before the sunrise, let’s change the mood, and each food will tell us what taste it has, ” , requested the banana.

 – “It’s okay, ” said all the foods together.

 – “There are many tastes: sweet, bitter, salty and acidic”, informed foods.

– “We all participate in the proper functioning of the human body,” included the turnip.


Lise turned to Savanna, smiled and advised her:

“We have to go back to bed. We will discover with our teacher the taste of each food tomorrow. Come, the sun will be up soon.”


  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustration: Hamza
  • Translation: Asmaa 
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Food/ The Week of Taste
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