A Little Argument, A Big Loss

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A long time ago, so long ago, so long ago that no one would remember​, two families lived side by side on plains as far as the eye could see. The Arch and Sky families were very close and supportive. The children circulated in the houses with such freedom that ​no one really knew ​the real parents of each. But one day, an apple tree grew in front of the two houses and, unfortunately, turned the peaceful life of these two very close-knit families upside down.

Happy with the appearance of this tree, the parents decided to take care of it and enjoy the fruits. The children agreed.

Days passed, then weeks, and then seasons. In a beautiful morning, when the heat was mild and the sun was shining ​in the middle of the sky, the adults saw very small apples that were all rounded, all green and ​shyly stuck​to the branches of the apple tree. But the tree had grown so much that it was difficult to pick the fruits. They then decided to ​build ​a ladder.

United as always, they hurried to their homes. Mr. Arch brought wood, and Mr. Sky came back with a large rope roll. They were extremely motivated, so they set to work. Once the ladder was ready, they laid it against the tree and waited for the fruits to ripen.

A few weeks later, the families went to the courtyard to see the evolution of the fruits. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that the apples had become very red, well chubby and juicy. Mr. Arch, with a basket, rushed up to the ladder, but Mr. Sky blocked his way and told him that he wished to be the first to taste the beautiful apples. Each of them argued about their decision to use it first.

Tension set up between the adults, and the cries reached the inhabitant on the other side of the river who was meandering among the plains. Driven by his curiosity, he came to investigate the cause of this dispute. They turned to him, told him the whole story and waited for his verdict.

The envious neighbour, after a careful consideration and refusing to lend them his ladder, suggested that they divide theirs into two equal parts since the material with which it was made belonged to both families. Immediately said, immediately done. The ladder was cut in half, and each laid his against the apple tree… The ladders were so small that none of the parents were able to pick a single fruit!

At night, when the families were sleeping, the wicked man, who had advised them to cut the ladder in half, came with his own and ​helped himself ​in the tree. All what remained for the families were apples scattered on the ground, spoiled, and assailed by flies and ants.

  • Author : Rmili Fatiha
  • Translation : Asmaa
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Tolerance/Agreement
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