The Brain

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The brain is a very complex organ. Despite advances in science and technological explosion, we know very little about this organ.

Our brain weighs 1,500 pounds. It has a right hemisphere or the right brain which in general controls the left side of the body, and a left hemisphere or the left brain which in general controls the right side of the body. Each hemisphere has four lobes:


– The frontal lobe is responsible for language, reasoning, memory, decision-making, personality, judgment and movement.

– The parietal lobe is loaded with language, space location and sensitivity

– The temporal lobe is loaded with language, memory, visual for the right lobe and verbal for the left lobe and emotions

– The occipital lobe is loaded with vision. It decodes the received images.


From the first month of the fetus, the brain begins to develop, and neurons are born at the rate of 3,000 neurons per second. After birth until one year, the zone of emotions, called the limbic system, develops, and the child then knows fear, love, anger, etc.

In adolescence, and at puberty more precisely, the prefrontal cortex, which is the decision-making zone, opposes the limbic system until the majority. At the age of 25, brain development ends.



This is a brief description. For more details, ask a healthcare professional…



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  • Release Date: 31/01/2018
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