Participation Charters

Traduire - eng|fr is a non-profit site. Its purpose is to encourage young people to write.
The site has no financial resources. Currently, it is financed by the site manager, Rmili Fatiha, France.
To publish a text on the digital library, it is imperative to:

⇒ Young people aged from 8 to 18. The site will publish the texts of students who have done collective work. They can write from one to five pages.
⇒ Have the permission of a parent or guardian. The parent must have an e-mail address (e-mail) which he will communicate with the text of the young author.
⇒ The text needs to be corrected. The illustrator’s name should be mentioned. Please attach a photo. The site will publish the first or last name and the name of the country and the photo of the author.

⇒ Texts must not exceed three (3) A4 pages.
⇒ Illustrations for children’s text (primary school) are mandatory. The text must not exceed three illustrations. The child can illustrate himself. Texts intended for adolescents and adults a single photo or illustration is sufficient. Choose FREE photos. The site is not responsible in case you send photos subjected to copyright. Make sure that the photo you attach to your text is free of right.
⇒ The site does not publish previously published texts. Its purpose is to promote the talents of young people. The parent assures that the young author’s text has never been published on another site.

⇒ Texts and photos are published at the request of the parents, after having read and accepted the privacy policy.
⇒ The parents undertake to send us texts written by their child, and without prejudice to human dignity.  Moreover, the decision rests with the site for the publication or deletion of any written material.

⇒ Your articles and photos are published on your request.

The site reserves a permanent right of publication and deletion of texts as well as the right to withdraw texts that it has published.

⇒ The parents undertake to send us texts written by their child which do not involve any violation of human dignity. Moreover, the decision is up to the site to publish or delete any written material.
Your articles and photos are published on your request.

⇒ Keep a copy of your text. The site does not send a copy if you request it.
You can report an abuse that we have not seen despite our vigilance, and we thank you for your support.
⇒ The photo and text of your child are published on your application and will be removed from the site on your application. The site reserves a permanent right to publish and delete texts, as well as the right to withdraw texts it has published.
The site disclaims any responsibility, in case of false information:-(

Please do not send originals. The publisher is not responsible for the manuscripts sent to him in any case we are obliged to return the manuscripts.
We strongly advise authors to read from time to time the texts of other authors of the platform to comment and  share. Relaying information is the only way to become known. 

To meet your expectations, please send the text:
1. In Word format;
2. Not more than three pages, calibre 14, Verdana Font;
3. Title of text, full name of author, country name, age and photo.
4. Parental Authorization. Parents assure that their child is less than eighteen (18) years of age, that the text is written by them as well as for the illustrations, that the text has never been published, and undertake to be responsible, otherwise.

5. Texts must be written in French, You can send the translation too.
6. All texts must be accompanied by the publication form of a parent who confirms having read and accepted the site charter and privacy policy.
7. The text must be corrected by an adult.The youth may gently ask their teacher to look at it.
8. At this time, the site does not correct young authors’ texts.
9. The texts will be published after reviewing a parent’s request and informing us that they have read and accepted the charter and privacy policy.

I would like to point out to our dear readers that the site belongs to a private individual and that it finances itself just to give young people the desire to read, learn and write without hatred or aggression…

Do not hesitate, kids, teenagers and adults to embark on the Ark of the Book (ARCHE DU LIVRE). Hand in hand, we will contribute to the formation of a flourishing society…