Girls and Boys are Equal

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Tell children that there is no rule or law that says boys are better than girls, or girls are better than boys…

Lucas runs in, followed by Héloïse who pretends to push him

Lucas: You see, I didn’t fall while blowing

Héloïse: And I don’t fall either, even if you push me..

Lucas: Let’s see!

He pretends to push Heloise who falls on the floor and starts crying.

Lucas: I told you you’re going to cry. You see!

Héloïse: But it’s because you hurt me. You pushed me very hard.

Lise, Alice, Cathrina, Alex and Mattéo enter the scene while playing on the rope which attracts the attention of Héloïse who stops crying and says by wiping his eyes.

 Héloïse: But look Mattéo is playing girls games!

Lucas: Ha, ha, ha

Continuing to play, Mattéo reponds

Mattéo: There’s nothing wrong with playing rope. It’s a sport

Lucas: And you can also play dinner game. It’s a sport too. You’ll learn to cook when you grow up, like girls.

Félix, who is playing marbles, laughs

Félix: He can learn to play hopscotch like girls and cry like girls when we make them fall down…

And keep playing like nothing happened.

Elena looks at Lucas’ shoes and exclaims by pointing them out.

Elena: Look, his shoes are pink!!!

Cathrina: Maybe he borrowed them from his sister.

Lucas: Nooo! they’re mine!

Héloïse: But the pink color is for girls?!

Lucas: No, even my dad and my uncle bought pink shirts.

The girls throw a laugh that makes them fall on the ground. They sit down


Lise: What are you saying? Your dad and your uncle are wearing pink shirts?

Cathrina: And what do your mom and auntie wear, light blue shirts?!

Héloïse: No, the light blue is for boys.

Elena: The world has fallen backwards. Girls do designated things for boys, and boys do reserved things for girls.

The teacher enters the stage, rings the bell and says

Teacher: Come on, kids! The break is over. pull over! I don’t want to see the girls in the front and the boys at the back. I want to see a boy with a girl.

Cathrina: But teacher, Lucas’ dad and uncle are wearing pink!

Héloïse: Et Baptiste joue à la dînette avec les filles de CM1!

The teacher: There is no rule that forbids boys to wear pink or play dinner, as there is no rule that does not allow girls to play football or combat.

Lise: And why did it used to be only the girls who wore pink and played dinner? Why weren’t the boys allowed?

Alex: Teacher! I know. Can I answer her?

The teacher: go ahead

Alex: Dad told me that society’s mentality has changed, and we realized that girls and boys can have the same interests.

The teacher: You’re right! Elena, there’s only violence and harassment that are strictly forbidden for boys and girls.

Mattéo: And there are no male-only jobs or female-only jobs.

Elena: Yes, and you can also do the housework, prepare delicious dishes for the family, and take care of the babies, Mattéo.

The teacher: We are all equal. There is no distinction between girls and boys. We must work hand in hand for a serene and happy society.

Héloïse: And to work in mutual respect. it is auntie who tells me so.

The teacher: There is only violence and wickedness that have no place among us, whether at school or in another place.

Lise: And he who does not respect the law, will be punished.

Cathrina: And if one does not listen and reoffends, he will be punished severely.

The teacher: Go children! That’s why I asked you to get settled together as boys and girls. You are all equal.

  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Translation: Rmilli Fatiha
  • Release: Date : 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Equality
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