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It is not right to report everything we hear. Even worse, when we add or distort what we have heard.

Lauryne and her little brother Paul arrive to the school. They go to see Héloïse, all alone, putting his pearls in a box.

Lauryne: Hello Héloïse!

Héloïse: hello. You have a pale complexion. What is happening to you?

Lauryne: Oh, you know, I’m not well. The neighbor’s dog did not stop barking yesterday, which prevented me from having a good night’s sleep.

Héloïse: Ah, good!

Paul: Maybe he’s sick.

Héloïse: Yes, perhaps! Don’t worry Lauryne, you will recover this night. See you later ! making a hand gesture

 Héloïse runs to join Timothy and Felix.

Héloïse: So, guys, have you retained the poem we’re reciting today?

Félix: By heart

Héloïse: I don’t think Lauryne did, because her neighbor’s dog was very sick and kept moaning and barking all night. She is too tired.

Timothée: The poor animal!

The teacher rings the bell

The teacher: Go to the regular class! It will begin.

In class, students settle in and start taking out their belongings. Félix leans over  Lucas

Félix: Lauryne has not even retained her poetry. She will be scolded by the teacher.

Lucas: Why didn’t she do her homework?

Félix: Her neighbor’s dog broke a leg and he spent the whole evening and even the night moaning and barking. He even tried to save himself because of the pain.

Lucas: The poor animal.

 Lucas turns to Anas, another classmate, and whispers to him

Lucas: You know that Lauryne’s neighbor’s dog ran away in the night despite the freezing cold.

Anas: What happened to him?

Lucas: He broke a leg and suffered a serious injury to his neck. A blunt object went through his neck. And since the neighbor was with friends, the dog could only be saved.

 Timothée speaks to Elena  

Timothée: I would like to have a dog, but given what happened to Lauryne’s neighbor, I’m still reluctant. I don’t like to make animals suffer.

Élena: What happened to him?

Timothée: He broke both hind legs and had a fracture with a blunt object.

Élena: Oh, the poor animal!

All students talk to each other in a low voice, and each child imagines what may have happened to the dog. Suddenly the teacher intervenes

The teacher: Well, ten minutes have already passed, and you haven’t even taken your stuff out. What’s happening to you this morning?!

 The whole class answers at the same time:

Students: Lauryne’s neighbor’s dog died yesterday. He was hit by a car when he tried to escape the abuse of his master…

The teacher: Is that true, Lauryne?


  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Traduction: Rmili Fatiha
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Lying
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