The Harassment

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Schools are places where students learn and have fun. They are not places where they curl up and fail.

The stage must be divided into three parts: the classroom, the hallway and the courtyard. The teacher is writing on the board. Jules gets up, smiles and throws a piece of chalk at Enzo. Enzo turns around, then takes another look at the board. Jules starts over again; he throws chalk, scraps of paper and a rule that hurt Enzo. he shouts:

Enzo : Sir!

The Teacher: Jules, you’re not going to do it again?! Go on to the board.

On the aisle, Jules passes by Enzo, and drops his kit and notebooks

Enzo: Sir!

Jules: He’s the one who put them on the table

The teacher: And you couldn’t ask him nicely to push his stuff, or make an effort and avoid tipping everything?! Ah Jules, you’re hard to deal with!

Some (fans) or friends of Jules fix their gaze on Enzo. The teacher follows Jules’ work, then goes to the office to pick up some papers. Jules passes by Enzo and pushes him. The fans of Jules burst out laughing and point him out. Enzo cries in silence and lowers his head. The bell rings. It’s time for the break. Everyone gets up, Jules stays seated and waits for Enzo’s passage. As soon as he arrives near him, he trips him up, Enzo is on the floor. He gets up, dusts off his pants and walks out. In the courtyard, Jules pretends to chase after his friends and pushes Enzo, who finds himself on the ground again. This time, he gets up and shouts:

Enzo: I’ll talk to my parents, and you’ll see!

All Jules’ fans surround him and make fun of him

All Jules’s fans:  chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickeeeeeeen, chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicken !

Enzo jumps on Jules, and they start fighting. The comrades encircle them and boo. The teacher arrives and separates them.

You are punished, you have no more breaks, sit on the steps.

Enzo: But, sir! He’s always bothering me.

Jules: No, he’s lying…

He gives him a hateful look. Jules fans intervene

Fans: No sir, Jules didn’t do anything.

Jules makes a victory sign behind the professor’s back. The bell rings.

Teacher: Go to class. The break is over.

In class

Teacher: Take out your poetry notebooks on page twelve. Come on, Jules, read.

Jules will read the poetry titled «harassment», which is in the category of ‘poetry’. Everyone has to have a copy, even the viewers. On the last line, Jules thinks for a second and turns to Enzo.

Jules: excuse me Enzo for everything I put you through. I’m not sick or weak-minded. I didn’t think I was stronger than you either…

The Professor intervenes

The Teacher: Yes Jules, you were taking your behavior for fun; however, you and the few comrades who don’t understand the gravity of your gesture were the only ones to enjoy it. Now, that you all know, I don’t want any more stories, and the one who persists has to see a behavioral specialist to help him. Okay, kids?


  • Author : Rmili Fatiha
  • Traduction: Rmili Fatiha
  • Release Date : 17/03/2017
  • Theme: School/ Harassment
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