The Week of Taste

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To know the taste of food. The subject is in the “albums” category, but given its importance, the author has translated it into a theatrical play.

Each child must wear the costume of a vegetable, fruit or another food that he does during the extracurricular time or at home. The food is on the stage: vegetables on one side and fruit on the other side. Aromatic plants on the other side, and milk, eggs, cheese on the left side. … The stage must be split into two parts: one that makes Lise’s room, and another for the kitchen where foods are.


Lise and Savana enter the stage and sit on the bed

Lise: I’m glad you’re coming to sleep at my place..

Savana: I’m happy because we won’t have classes tomorrow.

Lise: It’s true. It’s the taste week. I saw the school principal who brought several bags full of food…

The mother comes in

Mom: Come on, kids! You have to get up early to go to school tomorrow. I turn off the light. Good night and sweet dreams.


The children will pretend to be asleep. Vegetables and fruits start to move and make a noise which wakes Savana up. Savana wakes up Lise


Savana: Lise, gets up! A thief broke into your home…

Lise sits down, rubs her eyes and tiptoes to the door, then turns back to Savana and whispers

Lise: Come ! follow me !

The two girls (it can be a girl and a boy or two boys) pretend to look through the door lock of the kitchen, and discover the food discussing. Food comes into the play

Pumpkin: They will like me for sure. I have a sweet taste, a beautiful orange color. I am rich in fiber and beautiful to look at.

Carrot, orange, apricot and melon: we also have an orange color. We crave vitamins and  have a sweet taste

The leek: I have a nice look. I am thin and elegant. I always put green and white as colors  and leave my hair ruffled. I’m very rich in fiber

The apple, with great pride: Stop bragging! You taste a little special if you don’t get some salt and pepper. You’re inedible. Kids can chew me up without peeling me. They just rinse me with a little water. I’m so sweet, and they chew me to the core

The Kiwi: You have forgotten the other members of your family!

Orange: Yes, we are a large family. There are those who live here in France, and those who come from elsewhere. They are called exotic fruits

Artichoke: And how many you are? I only see the pear, the apple, the tangerine, the apricot, the cherry, the grapes, the melon and the watermelon here?

The beet while stirring its green leaves to be noticed: and me?!

The apple: You are sweet. You can be eaten raw and grated rather than to be cooked cooked.

Fennel: We also bring them mineral salts, vitamins and fiber; everything their small bodies need to grow and strengthen

The watermelon advises wisely: Stop, food! The atmosphere will get spoiled

The potato: You’re right. Why don’t we play a game until the sun rises

The fennel: What are you offering us, starchy?

The potato: I’m one of the starches as you say, but in the meantime, kids love me. I can be fried, grated, mashed, as chips or stewed, and my cousin sweet potato is used in desserts because it’s so sweet.

Rosemary, thyme and parsley leaning from a table disguising as a window

Rosemary: Hey, ho, did you forget us?

The red pepper: Who invited you?

The aromatic plants: We were quiet in the garden and admiring the moon when we heard you bickering, then we reached out. In any case, we will celebrate the week of taste with you; otherwise, it would be unfair.

The eggplant: Let them in ! they flavour us and add a nice touch to our dishes

Cheese, milk and eggs all say together: And we serve in nothing? Listen! Children cannot make it without us

Almonds, hazelnuts, nuts, dates all intervene together: We, too ! If we say nothing, no one will invite us

Bananas: please, there are only a few hours left before sunrise ! Let’s change the atmosphere, and each food says what it tastes like

All food at once: Okay!

The turnip: There are many tastes: sweet, bitter, salty and acidic 

Food: We all participate in the proper functioning of the human body.

Children need to get together in a one group: The sweet taste, the acidic, the salty, and the bitter taste

Lise in front of Savana turns around and whispers

Lise: We have to go back to bed.  We will discover the taste of each food with our mistress tomorrow. Come on, it’ll be daylight soon.

  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Traduction: Rmilli Fatiha
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: The Week of Taste/ Food
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