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Our texts are rich in lessons, for those who want to meditate on them 🙂

www.arche-dulivre.fr is a non-profit website. Currently, it is funded and directed by Mrs. Rmili Fatiha.

Rmili Fatiha, the founder of the project, is a former primary school teacher and resides in Mayenne(France.)

The platform has two parts:

Part One: Works by authors aged from 8 to 18 years.

Part two: The works of the author Rmili Fatiha, founder of the project. All children’s books and storytelling address topics used in schools and are followed by an evaluation quiz.

The digital edition aims to:

– Discover young talents, publish their opinions and their points of view, make them known to a wide audience, encourage them to read, and create an exchange between them and adults. How? Arche du Livre publishes only young people, but calls adults to comment on the texts.

– Share with young people philosophical tales, albums or novels, poems, plays. Suggest ways to react to incidents they witness or actors. Explain the causes of things. With simple texts to read, the site stimulates their desire to discover and educates them while making them happy. For older adolescents and adults, other topics are covered.

– Allow young people to say what they think using right words and a suitable style even if they are against an event or behavior. Express yourself without fear or aggression. Give free rein to your imagination and create beautiful stories.

And also to:

Propose to school teachers texts : albums, stories, poems and plays according to the themes addressed in class. We send teachers the PDF stories with colouring illustrations for their students and an evaluation questionnaire. In this way each student will keep the work at home. 

We would like to inform you that history texts and documentaries are written in a simple way without much detail. The reader (from all countries) will enrich his knowledge and will know a little more about the past of a country. For the ones who already know, they can write in the comment section what is not said. An exchange will be created, and this is the purpose of the library “Arche du Livre”

We will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions, and we promise that we will take them into account.

* The site uses some photos and images of Pixabay.

Thanks to the proofreaders Gilberte, Sandrine, Murielle, in support of the writer Mara Montbrusco-Gaspari, of the cultural mediator and communicator Céline Mafille, the illustrator Hamza, the Webmaster Adil, in support of Guy, Sébastien, Pierrick, Sigrid Rudiger, Lucile Roland and everyone who has participated in a direct or indirect way, so that the site is born.

And we close this speech by thanking you for trusting us, for registering, for reading and commenting on our texts, for encouraging young people to write and publish to grow and succeed.

The Director.