Bouly, Augustin’s Dog

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L ike every Monday morning, Aurélie the teacher went around the yard ​just ​before 9am which is the time of starting classes, but that Monday, she suddenly saw Augustin. ​He ​was curled up and crying. The teacher rushed over, took ​his ​hand, helped ​him ​get up and asked him ​what had happened to ​him​.Augustin continued to shed hot tears. The teacher thought that ​he ​had a stomach ache, or that ​he ​simply refused to come to school. So, she took ​him ​to see the ​headmistress​.

The ​headmistress​,trying to calm ​him ​down, asked ​him ​to tell her what was causing ​him ​that intense grief. Finally, Augustin answered: “My dog ​​was overthrown at night by a vehicle. The poor dog died!” and began to cry loudly. The director asked: “Were you present at the time of the accident?” “No, it’s Lise and her little brother Paul, our neighbors, who told me this in the morning.”

The director called Lise and her brother and asked them for more details about the death of Augustin’s dog. Lise, very sad, said, “Yes, Augustin’s house is juxtaposed with ours. Yesterday, we heard Augustine’s dog barking and then he was hit by a truck ​that was going very fast​.Then the silence​came. Nothing was to be heard​.”

Augustin was inconsolable all morning. At noon, ​he ​refused to eat in the canteen. ​He ​had no desire to play with ​his ​friends. So, the ​headmistress ​ended up phoning ​his ​parents to inform them of what their child was going through that day. So, the parents decided to come to school.

As soon as they knocked on the door, the director, knowing that it was Augustin’s parents who had arrived, asked ​him ​to go open the door. A great surprise was there!

Agustin opened ​his ​eyes widely and exclaimed with a tired tone: “Here is my dog! Isn’t he dead?” Her mother, holding ​him ​in her arms, replied: “No, my ​sweetie​. Yesterday, late at night, a truck that ​was going ​at a very high speed crushed a log, and it made a big noise. The neighbors who did not see your dog in the morning thought it ​had been ​hit by the truck. Do not believe everything you hear my Loulou​,okay?”

                                            Inspired from real events.

  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Illustration: Hamza
  • Translation: Asmaa
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: School


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