The Little Fish and the Fisherman

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Alain, a poor old fisherman, got up before the sun, took his coffee and walked to the door so as to go out. His wife followed him, handed him the fishing rod, the basket and said, “For lunch, you bring us a big fish. We will eat half of it, and I will exchange the other half for bread at the baker’s.”

When he reached the sea, he settled down, threw his line and waited. The cane began to move. He got up quickly, held it and pulled it with all his might. He found only a boot at the end of the line. He removed it, put it next to him and raised the line. Another time, he saw it move and hurried to shoot but found only a hat. He did not lose hope and raised the line​once more​. After a while, he still saw the cane move and got up, but only got the second boot up. He was surprised.

He started thinking for a long time: “How can I bring my poor wife a fish to eat? She has already prepared the sauce with no doubt and even set the table. And perhaps she has already notified the baker that she will exchange half a fish for a loaf of bread.” Suddenly, he saw a tiny goldfish rise to the surface and he thought, “it’s better to get a little fish rather than go home with the empty basket.” He got up sharply, dived and caught the little fish.

The poor little goldfish struggled in vain, then begged:

–“Fisherman, I’m beautiful to only look at. I’m so small and can’t even flavor a vegetable broth.”

–“And I am so ashamed to return to my poor wife empty-handed.”

–“You won’t go home empty-handed.” “How?”

–“I saw you earlier getting a pair of boots and a hat out of the sea.”

–“But I don’t want to get dressed. I want to eat!”

–“Will you promise to put me back in the water if I give you food?

–“I only have one word, but don’t try to fool me, huh?” “I’ll tell you what you’re going to do…”

Very pleased, the poor old fisherman thanked the tiny fish, put her back at sea, put away his cane, put the pair of boots in the basket and rushed into town. He sold what he had found. He went to the fishmonger’s, took a big fish, went to the bakery, bought a large loaf of bread, and still had money left. There, he thought: “My poor wife hasn’t had flowers since we were married. We’ve been married for about 50 years. It’s time to give her some.” He went to the florist and bought a bouquet, but he still had left money. He said to himself: “My poor wife has not had any new shoes since the birth of our eldest daughter. She’s married today. Here you are! I buy it ​some for ​her.” He entered the store, picked up a nice pair of shoes and went home.

The poor old fisherman’s wife was very happy and asked him where all this money came from. He looked at the big fish he had bought at length and replied, “You know my dear wife, a little fish can do better than a big one…”



  • Author: Rmili Fatiha
  • Translation: Asmaa
  • Release Date: 19/03/2017
  • Theme: Prejudice/ Appearance
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