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Violence is a Sign of Weakness

    The actors are teenagers (15 to 21 years old) and children (10 and 12 years old). Teach the young man of tomorrow never to use violence (physical or otherwise) against his wife, friend, or companion, no longer on his children. The scene must be divided into two parts, where the first family will […]

A Unique Journalist

    Journalism is chosen because of the flow of information that comes to us from all sides: social networks, print media, electronic newspapers, etc. No one is specifically targeted. In any trade or profession, there may be people who do not perform their duties properly. The author wanted to draw the attention of young people, who will […]

Cleopatra VII

      In this room, some elements can be romanticized in relation to historical reality. The actors are: ** Queen CleopatraVII Chilldren : Césarion, Ptolémée Philadelphe, Cleopatra Séléné et Alexandre Hélios Compagnons: Hetep, Nicotris, Sobek The servant : Houni ****Rome Consul : Jules Cesar Advisers : 3 Warriors : 7 ***Marc Antoine      Advisers : 3 Warriors : […]

The Week of Taste

    To know the taste of food. The subject is in the “albums” category, but given its importance, the author has translated it into a theatrical play. Each child must wear the costume of a vegetable, fruit or another food that he does during the extracurricular time or at home. The food is on the […]

The Harassment

    Schools are places where students learn and have fun. They are not places where they curl up and fail. The stage must be divided into three parts: the classroom, the hallway and the courtyard. The teacher is writing on the board. Jules gets up, smiles and throws a piece of chalk at Enzo. Enzo turns around, […]