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Toquet, the King

    One day, in a distant kingdom, an old king died. Since he was loved by all his people, he was taken to his last home in absolute sadness. The day after the burial of the father king, his son inherited the famous throne. But he was more proud than responsible. “Well at last, […]

The Man with the Woolen Cape

This story was told to me by a granny when I was little … It may have transmitted to me the desire to create, dream and join the useful to the pleasant … Beautiful rich stories in lessons of life … 🙂 I did not change anything … Thank you, granny 🙂       […]

The Little Fish and the Fisherman

    Alain, a poor old fisherman, got up before the sun, took his coffee and walked to the door so as to go out. His wife followed him, handed him the fishing rod, the basket and said, “For lunch, you bring us a big fish. We will eat half of it, and I will […]

The Camel and the Dromedary

This story was told to me by a granny when I was little… It may have conveyed to me the desire to create, to dream and to join the useful with the pleasant… Beautiful stories rich in life lessons… 🙂 I didn’t change a word… Thank you, granny! ,-)     Do you know why […]

A Horrible Decision

      A long time ago, in a country that, fortunately, no longer exists on the world map, lived a king who was a little dotty. One day, a king was coming back from the hunt when he came across an old man in rags with a very bad look. His face was furrowed […]